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         Center for Innovative and Professional Learning (A-216)
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          505 Ramapo Valley Road

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    This program deals with essential components of modern Web development – the Internet standards and technologies, databases, frameworks, and programming. It provides a foundation for the successful use of communication and information technologies allowing for the development of rich interactive Web sites, use of a variety of data sources, and design of Web assets for personal, commercial, and organizational use.

    Courses focus on building modern interfaces, managing information content, and supporting effective connectivity with servers, services, and peer-developed Web products. Client and server-side technologies are studied, as are techniques to maintain the value of Web sites despite rapidly changing market conditions.

    In order to earn a certificate, students must successfully complete the three of the four courses below:

    Ramapo College students must be in good academic standing to enroll in the Web Development Certificate Program. Note: Students must complete all certificate requirements at RCNJ; transfer credits cannot be used to satisfy these requirements. In addition, all certificate requirements must be completed within five years of acceptance to the program.

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        Center for Innovative and Professional Learning (A-233)
        Ramapo College of New Jersey
        505 Ramapo Valley Road
        Mahwah, NJ 07430

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